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10 ways to reduce your waste today

It’s become very hard to keep waste to a minimum but here are some ideas to make it all that little bit easier.   

  1. Weekly meal plans – a difficult habit to start but it’s one of the biggest food waste savers there are.  It’s a real money saver too and most people say that it also helps them to eat a bit better as it saves those last minute meal decisions when you are absolutely starving!

2. Shop at your local markets where you can buy a much larger amount of your shopping without the plastic.  Also remember that you are buying from the person who sourced or grew or made your food so you can speak to them directly about their products and their packaging.  Our local markets include the Dingwall Academy Market, Transition Black Isle Markets (Fortrose, Cromarty, Culbokie and North Kessock) and the new Moo(n) Market in Muir of Ord.

3. Check out the Moo Food community fridge (next to the Hub in Muir of Ord) The fridge is a simple solution to enable anyone to share their surplus food. The fridge will accept any kind of veg, fruit, bread, cakes and alike within their use by date.

4. Check out the Moo(n) Zerowaste market on the last Sunday of the month.  This market is packed full of vintage clothes, eco-friendly products, local produce and CAKE.

5. Visit the Black Isle Dairy’s Honesty shed where you can buy a reusable glass bottle and fill your milk from their vending machine. 

6. Buy your veg from our local farms  – local veg farmers such as Black Isle Veg, Knockfarrel Produce and Tollie Croft Fruit & Veg will give you much more of an opportunity to get your veg without the packaging.  It also tastes 100 times better as well 😊

7. Buy your bread and cheese from businesses who aren’t packaging in plastic such as Strathpeffer Artisan Bread and the Cromarty Cheese House.  Can’t eat a whole loaf right now? Why not slice and freeze and then use for toasting or breadcrumbs for making burgers?  Strathpeffer Artisan Bread use all of their flour bags for the compost and all of their storage boxes are reused to drop off produce or pick up from the shops, so really there is nothing at all going waste!

8. Buy your wholefoods from Let’s Go Lentil where you can bring your own container and buy as much or as little as you like, it’s weighed out for you so you decide how much you want to spend or how much you need.  Also coming soon… Let’s Go Lentil Now – ready made wholefoods where you can buy your foods to go with a container deposit scheme.

9. Have a look at your cleaning products – is there a way of doing this more eco-friendly? Without the harsh chemicals and all the packaging? Trish from Enjo has some great advice on this .

10. Only buy what you need!  It’s become quite normal for people to buy cheap, use once (or never in some cases) and then throw it away.  This is particularly true with fashion but now it seems that vintage or pre-loved clothes are big news.  We have lots of amazing charity shops around and events happening near us.

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Why I Shop at the market

Hello and welcome to our first customer interview!  The Dingwall Academy Market team decided that it would be a great idea to find out why our customers shop with us and to share our Q and A sessions with you.  We will also be sharing some customer market recipe ideas to keep us all inspired. 

Interview questions are by our market team member Rachel who is in 5th year at Dingwall Academy.  She is using the market blog as a chance to gain some experience for her future in journalism.  Questions are answered by one of our customers, Aylene, who is a busy working mum with two young kids.  She enjoys cooking when she gets the time, likes to keep her boys eating well and also have them involved with their food wherever possible.

Q. How did you first hear about the market?

A. I found out through one of your suppliers, Let’s Go Lentil.

Q. What do you feel is important about the market?

A. I like to support local and love how fresh the food is.  When you drive home after picking up your order you can smell your carrots and leeks and it just isn’t the same when you buy from the supermarket.

Q. Why do you shop at the market?

A. It’s all made easy for me as I can order online, then when I go to collect it on a Wednesday, it’s all ready for me.  You get to know some of the suppliers of your food and there is that personal touch that you just don’t get at a supermarket.  I also like that I can choose to shop without the plastic packaging and at the Let’s Go Lentil stall I can just choose as much or as little as I like of each product.

Q. What is your favourite thing about the market?

A. Fresh, seasonal food that makes you think about what you are buying and what you are going to cook.  If you buy seasonally it makes you get more inventive with your cooking as you have to work around what is available at that time.

Q. Do you have any favourite products that you would recommend to other customers?

A. Well…all of it! But we especially love the Black Isle Dairy’s milk and yoghurt, this tastes so much better. than other milks available.  Also Let’s Go Lentil’s apricots, and Strathpeffer Artisan’s bread.

Q. What are the challenges you find in eating good food and how do you get around them?

A. Definitely time is the biggest challenge.  I try to get around this by batch cooking, so I’ve recently started doubling whatever it is I’m making and freezing half of it for another time when there just isn’t the time.

Q. Is there anything you would like to see on the market that isn’t available yet?

A. Beef, chicken and fresh pesto.

Q. Do you have a favourite Dingwall Academy Recipe for us?

A. We made these leek and potato fritters last week, they were really nice and the whole family was able to eat and enjoy them.

You can find the recipe for Aylene’s Leek and Potato Fritters in our recipe tab. They look delicious! Thanks to Aylene and family for taking the time to answer our questions and to share your photos and recipe, we really appreciate it.