Producer Terms

As A Producer I Agree To:
Offer for sale products supplied directly from your own farm or food business.
Confirm that you are a Food Business which is registered and monitored by your Local Council
Maintain transparency by giving clear, honest descriptions of your products – this must include ingredients, with ALLERGENS listed in CAPITALS.
If offering a product that is not grown or produced by themselves, the original producer must be listed in the product description.
Ensure the delivery of products if your minimum order amount is met and offer support to any newly launched Markets by setting easily attainable minimum orders during the first 3-6 months of trading.
Ensure that each customer receives exactly what they have ordered. You can offer customers a substitute, but customers are in no way obliged to accept them.
Deliver and distribute products in accordance with environmental health regulations, particularly in terms of maintaining the temperature of your produce, labelling and packaging. If you intend to leave your produce to be distributed by the host then, if necessary, you must leave it within an insulated box with ice packs or similar. The Host and The Dingwall Academy Market are not responsible for maintaining temperatures and only distribute your produce as a courtesy.
Take the necessary precautions on the day of collection to ensure you arrive at the weekly collection in good time – customers should not have to wait and are not required to. If you are late and customers have left you may be asked to deliver the missed products to that customer’s address.
If you are unable to attend the collection take the necessary steps to allow a member of staff to attend in your place or contact the other producers to see if they can assist.
Always operate within the framework of direct selling where all the sales occur online.Te transactions are between you and the customer from the point of order until the products are in the hands of the customer – The Dingwall Academy Market and the Host facilitate this direct selling only.
Work to develop lasting customer relations through excellent customer service and where possible support and collaborate with your fellow producers.
Give your Host one months’ notice if you intend to cease supplying.