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For ordering in the Dingwall, Maryburgh, Conon, Muir of Ord, Beauly & rest of the Black Isle area while the market is closed, please seeĀ

We grow organic certified vegetables, herbs, fruit, eggs & lamb on our Black Isle croft. We have worked with plants & livestock since being knee high to a grasshopper but still get excited about a new crop coming ready!

We're also excited to supply organic veg plants this year too, the same plants as we raise for our own crops. Supplied with no plastic packing, they are all varieties proven to succeed in the highland climate.

Our croft is mainly pasture for grazing & hay, with a half acre of vegetables including two polytunnels. An old vintage tractor does some of the hard work, but we do the rest & are experimenting with techniques that encourage healthy soils to grow nourishing crops in. We are building a strawbale house for our growing family, fitting it in around croft work so never a dull moment. See or our facebook / twitter / instagram for more info.

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The market opens on a Wednesday at 19.00 and closes on a Monday at 23.59

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Showing all 14 results