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I'm Ahimsaka of I produce the best handcrafted & artisan hot sauce in the Scottish Highlands

I have a passion chilli hot sauces and my passion I want to share with you, I want to complement the food you cook for you and your family so the range of sauces I make are for every member of the family.

I know chillies have bad rep but I'm here to assist and help on your journey of hot sauce so you can grow to enjoy or even get to love hot sauces.

My products are 100% natural, vegan & veggie friendly, pH checked.

I personally taste each small batch of hot sauces I produce if I'm not happy in any way it doesn't get to your table.

As the seasons change so will the hot sauce products menu grow with lovely delightful fruits like Blueberries, Raspberries, Mango & Pineapple just to name a few.

If would like an Artisan hot sauce for you no problems give me the idea and I will try create the sauce for you.

Have a special event coming up and would like something different from the norm hot sauce could be just what you are looking for?

Their will be new products added soon like Hawaiian Chilli pepper water a condiment instead of malt vinegar.


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The market opens on a Wednesday at 19.00 and closes on a Monday at 23.59

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Showing all 5 results